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Pricing and Delivery - UK

Pedicab Rickshaw Pedicab Rickshaw

Rolling Chassis


Pedicab Body


Pedicab Total


Cargo Trike - SoftTop

Cargo Trike - SoftTop

Rolling Chassis


Cargo Body with SoftTop


Cargo with SoftTop Total


Cargo Trike - HardTop

Cargo Trike - HardTop

Rolling Chassis


Cargo Body with HardTop


Cargo with HardTop Total


Flatbed Trike - Selfbuild

Custom Flatbed

Rolling Chassis


Selfbuild Flatbed Body


Selfbuild Flatbed Total


AdTrike AdTrike

Rolling Chassis


Adtrike Body


Adtrike Total


Optional Extras

Electric Assist Option 1 Heinzmann PowerHub £1,431

Electric Assist Option 2 Lynch PowerDrive


Rain Wrap


Lights option


For details of discounts please email us at

All prices exclude V.A.T. @ 15%

Our terms and conditions are 33% deposit with order, the balance to be with us before the day of delivery, see Terms and Conditions of Sale (PDF)

We can deliver the Pedicab Trike, the Cargo with SoftTop Trike and the Flatbed Trike in the mainland UK using standard pallets 4ft (1.2M) x 4ft (1.2M) x 6ft 6in (2.3M). The vehicle travels on its back. When it arrives you have to put the forks (A headset type) on. Delivery of these vehicles is £130 per vehicle to your door in the mainland UK.

Also we can deliver the Cargo with HardTop Trike and the Adtrike on a specialist pallet anywhere in the mainland UK. The vehicle travels on it's wheels. Delivery of these vehicles is £160 per vehicle to your door in the mainland UK.

You could get a tax free new Cycles Maximus at up to 50% off these prices if you use it for getting to work. The Government's Green Transport Plan allows you to lease a trike off your employer, exempt of Income Tax, National Insurance, and VAT. For more information see

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