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Cargo Bike - PickupTrike

The PickupTrike™ is a highly adaptable Cargo Trike which will transport a vast array of payloads with ease, including awkward sized items. This Module is our in-house favourite due to its amazing ergonomics and versatility; working with the PickupTrike™ is an absolute pleasure, especially when combined with our TractionDrive™ motor system. Our design team have completely redeveloped the Series 900 PickupTrike™, streamlining the design while keeping the original looks. All the best features of our original Cargo Trike have been brought forward into our new Pickup model and enhanced with modern materials. The PickupTrike™ is the ideal choice for practical urban delivery work and is a well proven work horse in off road situations

Overall PickupTrike™ Dimensions

Length 264 cm, Width 119 cm, Height 146 cm

Pickup Cargo Body Features

Fits Series 900 Chassis

Internal Dimensions - L 120 cm W 91 cm H 94 cm (Minus Curved Front Corners)

Internal Volume 1.02 m³

Load Capacity 300 Kg Aerodynamic Shape

Drop Tailgate, 90 Degrees or Full 180 Degrees

Durable Weatherproof SoftTop with Zipped Corners and Taped Waterproof Seams, Removable Stainless Support Hoops, Velcro Fastened

Smooth Stainless Steel Top Rail

Tie Down Hook Points

Good Rider Visibility

Tough Floor Material

Good for Full Vinyl Wrapping and Branding Stickers

Integrated Tough Plastic Mudguards with Front and Rear Facing Full-Width Reflectors

Simple Lighting or Full LED Lights Available

Standard Colour Silver

'...the machine ambles up killer hills, even the 14% kind'  - A to B magazine

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