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TractionDrive™ - Electric Assist

The CM TractionDrive™ is a state of the art, self-contained traction unit. This unique, high-torque transmission system will deliver our maximum load capacity over greater distances and over the most challenging terrain. TractionDrive™ takes the strain out of the most demanding operations. Tried and tested under the most extreme conditions, the TractionDrive™ has proven itself to be highly reliable. The CM TractionDrive™ system comes complete with fully integrated LED lighting, which includes brake lights, indicators and auxiliary outputs to match our body modules which are easily connected to the chassis.

TractionDrive™ Features and Specifications

System Voltage – 12v

Single Mechanical Gear Ratio – Can be Fine Tuned to Application

Battery Supplied - 1 x 100Ah Lead Acid AGM, Battery Compartment 33 cm x 20 cm x Max 28 cm

Battery Management – Battery Indicator with Low Voltage Cut-off to protect battery

Controller – Industrial Standard

Charger – 25A 12 Volt

Electronic Throttle

Pedal Sensor for Safety

Fused Protection on Control and Traction Circuits

Motor – Permanent Magnet Brushed DC Pancake Motor 250 Watts Continuous Rated

Chassis Connects to Body via 7 Pin Automotive Connection

Handlebar Mounted - Front LED Headlight, Front LED Indicators on Rubberised Stalks, Horn

Body Mounted - Front Facing LED Side Lights, Rear Stop and Tail LED Lights, Rear LED Indicators

Dash Mounted LED Ignition On Indicator

USB Charging Socket on Handlebars

Aux Supply – 12v Auxiliary Supply in Body

Front and Rear Brake Switched Stop Lights

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