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Sharebike Rebalancing Trike

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The growth of bicycle share schemes has been massive in recent years, however the management of these bikes is an issue that is commonly addressed with conventional vans being used to "rebalance" the bikes, therefore the apparent zero emissions of the scheme is not the true case. Cycles Maximus believes that rebalancing of share bikes and other bike transportation within relatively short distances is practical using e-trikes and larger cycle trailers. The BikeTrike™ carries 5 bikes and is the first CM model in this market with more solutions to come.

Compatible with the 900 chassis. Price below for a complete Trike hand-built to last

BikeTrike price
S910 chassis

BikeTrike price
S910 chassis

The electric power for the BikeTrike™ above is called ⚡ PlusDrive™. To upgrade to ⚡⚡TractionDrive™ costs an extra

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In keeping with the Cycles Maximus spirit of no compromise, we feel it is important to include our LightsPlus lighting system in the price of our Electric Assists.

Prices are in GBP and exclude VAT and Delivery. In Europe VAT applies unless Business to Business Sale. *USD $ and € Euro prices shown are guide prices only; please contact us for a personalised offer.

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We reserve the right to change prices without notice

"We use our Maximus day in, day out on our bike try-out roadshows. It creates a great atmosphere, does a powerful job, and has never let us down mechanically" ~ Jim McGurn. Company of Cyclists

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