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Build your choice of Cargo Trike, Pedicab Rickshaw or Custom Build. Electric Assist available

1. Choose an Application

Body Modules

2. Choose a Chassis

S710 chassis
S810 chassis
S910 chassis
S900 chassis

3. Choose a Drive


There are 3 main steps to take in refining one of our many solutions:
1. The Application is what the trike will do, examples include carrying goods or passengers or to be used as a pop-up shop.
2. Choosing the Chassis type mainly based on the end use and how large a trike is appropriate, widths vary from 1m to 1.2m with associated lengths.
3. Then the Drive system based on factors such as ethos, terrain, budget.

Colour options

Colour Chart

Please note that this colour chart is only an approximate guide - computer monitors and graphics cards etc. can show these colours differently

'Cycles Maximus Pedicabs make me enjoy my job, as much as my customers enjoy their sightseeing tours'
Jean-Charles MULLER Cyclorama, Strazbourg, France

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' cyclist transported three children in safety and comfort...that's hard to do without a car' A to B magazine

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