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Our Pedicabs, Rickshaws and Cargo Trikes on other websites A to B - Sustainable transport magazine. See issue #39 for Cycles Maximus review Site for world-wide info on load carrying bikes. Highly recommended Alternative Cycle Magazine. Ex editor of Bike Culture and Encyclopedia Large collection of urban vehicle options for people who value their time A project of the world carfree network Special London bike shop School of cycling Folding bike makers Central London pedicab service Accepts donated bikes and recycles them for the community Cycle routes construction charity Revolution Rickshaws, New York Bikes for Africa International bicycle fund Non profit making organization testing Light Electric Vehicles and components since 1992 Folding Bike Society Talk about Rickshaws Rickshaw tours in Austin, Texas, USA

'Our business could not function without tricycles from Cycles Maximus' Andrea Casalotti, "Zero Couriers" Central London