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FlatbedTrike™ Body

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Versatile Mobile Economic

Using our Custom FlatbedTrike™ body, customers can build their own body designs, as shown in the Recycling Trike picture below: -


For customers who want to build their business ideas around a mobile platform, or want to carry cargo on a CM Trike with a limited budget, we have our range of Custom Flatbeds which are highly adaptable for DIY and commercial applications.
The UniMax™ Flatbed system offers a range of industry standard components that allow our customers to refine and innovate with any CM Trike. As a one off, or as a scaleable commercial solution, the UniMax™ provides a flexible starting platform that is suitable for endless design applications.
Many of our customers require specific and at times bespoke Flatbed solutions. Please contact us to discuss available specifications, if you cannot see what you need in our popular range.

'Another machine on my wish-list is a tricycle developed and made in Bath, a city which has steep hills. To cope with these, there is electric assist, and yet the machine is not heavy. It is also cleverly designed' - Richard Ballantine 'Richard's 21st Century Bicycle Book'

UniMax™ denotes our Universal Custom Flatbed range. Available in Welded Steel or our Industrial Aluminium kit form

Compatible with all our chassis: -
S700 chassis
S810 chassis
S900 chassis
S910 chassis

Overall FlatbedTrike™ Dimensions depend on Chassis and Flatbed options; for example: -
Series 900 Standard UniMax™ Flatbed: - Length 134 cm, Width 96 cm, Height 4-5 cm. Steel or Alloy Kit Options
Series 910 Standard UniMax™ Flatbed: - Length 153 cm, Width 96 cm, Height 4-5 cm. Steel or Alloy Kit Options

Flatbed Trike features and upgrade options to help you with your custom build: -

• Tough Floor
• Integrated Tough Plastic Mudguards with Front and Rear Facing Full-Width Reflectors
• Simple Lighting or Full LED Lights Available
• Standard Colour Silver
• D-Mount™ FlatbedTrike™ - Using the Pop-Up leg D-Mount™ Kit. Many users in the custom trike market require trike body units that contain heavy fixed appliances and hardware, the CM D-Mount™ system makes this practical
• No need to limit one trike for one line of business, operate easily with several D-Mount™ Custom Flatbed bodies. As an example build a Coffee and an Ice Cream outlet onto two Flatbeds, one person can mount and demount with a single chassis, so these units can be temporarily sited at an event or remain mobile
• Several pop-up outlets can be deployed and serviced by one trike

Colour options: -

Colour Chart

Please note that this colour chart is only an approximate guide - computer monitors and graphics cards etc. can show these colours differently


Contact our sales team now: -

Phone symbol+44 (0)1225 319414

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