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General features that apply to the Custom FlatbedTrike™, PickupTrike™, CourierTrike™, CoolTrike™, MaxVanTrike™, AeroTrike™, CabTrike™, Mini-CabTrike™, BikeTrike™, TrailerTrike™ and RetailTrike™

Cab Trike Kew Gardens

Cycles Maximus CabTrike Rickshaws at Kew Gardens. Image by - follow this link for more Rickshaw images

• Built by Hand in the UK   • Rugged Construction  • High Specification Components  • Modular Interchangeable Bodies  • Style and Promotional Potential

These high tech machines combine advanced manufacturing methods with the highest quality components and materials available, to make the Maximus Cargo Trikes an asset to any commercial or domestic venture such as:

• Pedicabbing  • People Movement  • Courier Deliveries  • Mobile Retail or Catering Outlet  • Environmental Waste Movement  • Promotional Campaigns  • Inner City and Rural, Local Transport  • Low Noise Applications, e.g. Film Sets  • Goods Logistics  • Indoor Use  • Campuses, Airports and Factories  • The School Run  • Farming and Off-Highway Utilities  • Getting the Bride to the Church on Time!

' cyclist transported three children in safety and comfort...that's hard to do without a car' - A to B magazine

Access All Areas - Compact Design, At 1.19m / 4ft wide • Large Capacity – 250kg Cargo payloads or 3 Adult Passengers
Modular design - Create a versatile fleet with the modular approach of Cycles Maximus
Engineered to last - CM standards ensure future proof parts compatibility
Durable Strong and Lightweight
Adjustable frame – Leg length and arm reach fully adjust to fit all riders. Tall handlebar design allows the rider to adjust back and forth for arm length adjustment, rider comfort is a design priority
Upright High Visibility Riding Position
Step-through frame allows rider to hop on and off either side of the vehicle
Highly Manoeuverable – Precise steering with Differential Drive
Powerful Braking – All Round Hydraulic Disc Brakes to CM Design
Rubberised Suspension - On All Body Types
Heavy Duty Tyres - Puncture Resistant Moped Tyres All Round. Tyres can handle kerbs without pinching, and resist sharp objects
Super Strong Wheels – CM Hubs, Large Bearings and Oversized Stainless Steel Spokes
Extremely Reliable – These Trikes will rarely need mechanical attention, however they are easily maintained with simple tools and have a low running cost
Advertising and Branding Opportunities – Attract extra income by selling the high impact appearance of your trikes
Comprehensive Spares Backup
Very Economical to Run
Low Carbon Footprint
Very Slow Depreciation

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